Boat Tour to Starocherkassk

We suggest taking a boat tour to Starocherkassk, an old capital of the Don Cossacks, a museum reserve included into the UNESCO tourist guide.

Over a hundred historical and cultural monuments are located on its territory. It is a very special site for the region – a place where the Don Cossack Host originated, a place that houses a historical and architectural museum reserve representing a rural lifestyle of the 19th century, the Don Нost Cathedral of the Ascension (18th century), a tent-shaped bell tower offering a splendid view of the Don River and cupolas of the Novocherkassk Cathedral, the Maidan square, the Transfiguration Church, a military cemetery, the Ataman Estate Museum, St Peter and St Paul Church, Kondraty Bulavin’s House, the Church of Our Lady of the Don.

You will hear an interesting audio excursion, have breakfast and enjoy entertainments aboard. The motor ship crew will see about your comfort and fun during the day.

On the whole, the tour will get you to enjoy the beauty of the Don River area and come close to the history of the Don region.

Please inquire further details and information at +7(863)3 226 226 or check on the website

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