“Dialogue with Old Rostov” Copyright Excursion

“Dialogue with Old Rostov” Copyright Excursion

Duration: 1,5 -2 hours 
Point of departure: Cathedral (Sobornaya) Square (monument to St. Dmitry Rostovsky.

The walking excursion shall take you to two squares: Old and New Bazaar and one of the oldest streets in city – Ulianovskaya, where the merchant houses of unknown and well-known Rostov citizens, like Gnessin, Wrangel, Khanzhonkov, survived up to now. Three churches met along the route of excursion are the witnesses of special Rostov flavor and respect of different ethnic groups to one another. Walking along the old streets and lanes you shall feel the scent of loud and friendly, Southern merchant city.

Contact Information:
+7 (863) 200-90-10 (multichannel)

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