LOGA PARK, Little Switzerland of Don Region

LOGA PARK, Little Switzerland of Don Region

We invite you to go on an unforgettable tour to a strikingly beautiful place in the Don region – to Loga Park, unofficially nicknamed as a Little Switzerland and serving as an example of modern garden art.

The park is located in a small settlement bearing a romantic name of Staraya Stanitsa (meaning “old village”). This scenic landscape park was laid out on the site of the settlement’s former landfill thanks to the efforts of the local businessman Sergey Kushnarenko.

The park appeals with its distinctive local flair: a Cossack man and woman wearing traditional costumes would welcome you at the entrance, offer your bread and salt, and after that, you would plunge into a real fairy-tale with a rabbit burrow, watermills, peacocks, deer, plenty of flowers and lush vegetation.

The park is renowned not only for its canals, a house of mirrors, but also for its rock garden. The park also has numerous offbeat statues and figures of fairy-tale characters revealing the local charm and figures of local animals. There are several fountains, a small pond with water fowl, waterfalls. Besides, the park enjoys a fabulously equipped kids’ play area. The park also features outdoor enclosures for animals and birds.

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