Official News

Official News
Gorky Park Included in National Register All-Russian Book of Honor of 2023
The Head of the City Administration announced about it
 Restoration of Mosaic Pictures Discussed with Social Activists on Site
The first visiting meeting with social activists was held in Rostov to discuss restoration of mosaic panels.
About 3,000 Trees and Almost 6,000 Shrubs Planted in Rostov
These are the results of the Tree Planting Day in the Don capital. Thanks to joint efforts, the city's vegetation has been replenished with plane trees, pines, firs, thujas, catalpes, birches, willows, maples, mountain ashes, plums, other trees and shrubs
Monument to Founder of Nakhichevan-on-Don, Archbishop Prince Joseph Argutinsky-Dolgoruky, Restored in Rostov
The bust of the outstanding Armenian religious and political figure, Archbishop, the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Russia was inaugurated on September 18, 1999, to celebrate the 220th foundation anniversary of Nakhichevan-on-Don
Russian National Research and Training Conference, Current State of Cossack Folklore Traditions in the South of Russia and their Investigation Prospects, Took Place in the City
The event was held at the Sholokhov Center Museum-Reserve. The conference brought together more than 50 scientists from 22 cities of Russia, studying, preserving and promoting the heritage of great researchers of folklore. Specialists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Adygea, Donetsk and other Russian cities took part in it.
Rostov Authorities to Inspect 27 Pre-revolution Houses in Rostov
According to the public procurement data, the authorities of the Kirovsky district, Rostov, announced four tenders to find contractors. The total amount for the contracts was 6.7 million rubles.
Aleksey Logvinenko: “Over the past three years, more than thirty sports grounds were built in Rostov”
The number of Rostovites going in for sports is growing every year. Thus, one of the priorities set by the City Administration is to establish and update the sports infrastructure. At the same time, it is very important to bring sports as close to the residents as possible.
Council for Improving Life Quality Set Up in Don Region
The new body will deal with identifying top-priority social projects and checking their delivery, making proposals in priority areas, preparing suggestions on improving regulatory legal acts in the social sphere, as well as analyzing the life quality rating scores in the Rostov region
Three New Bus Routes to be Launched in Rostov on August 1
Rostov's Administration announced the launch of three new bus routes, which will start working from August 1
Yakor Hotel on Rostov Embankment Now Protected by State
The group of buildings on the Rostov Embankment, including the river boat station and the Yakor Hotel, is included on the list of historical and cultural monuments. The Committee for Protection of Cultural Heritage Sites of the Rostov Region issued the respective order.
City Council Oversees Establishment of Museum of History of Rostov-on-Don
On May 16, at the session of the City Council's Standing Committee on Education and Culture, chaired by Yulia Isakova, its members addressed a question of measures to implement the roadmap concerning the Museum of History of Rostov-on-Don.
Over 10,000 Sq. M of Pavements to be Repaired This Year
The local authorities continue to improve the city's pavements. The road services started repairing pavements at Ulitsa Shestaya Koltsevaya, Patsayeva Ulitsa, Ratsionalizatorsky Pereulok
Alley of International Friendship Planted in Rostov
On the Tree-planting Day, national culture associations of Rostov-on-Don planted the Alley of International Friendship in Ostrovsky Park
Spring Cleanness Month Started in Rostov
The traditional event to clean the city after the winter period started in Rostov on March 20.
Give Waste Paper for Recycling, Save a Tree. Environmental Campaign to Take Place in Rostov
On March 24, 2023, Rostov-on-Don will join RECYCLING Russian National Environmental Campaign, Give Waste Paper for Recycling, Save a Tree.
19,000 sq. m of Pavements to be Repaired in Rostov-on-Don
At the February session of the city's Duma, the city councillors passed a resolution to allocate over 33 million rubles to repair pavements
Voice-guided Traffic Lights to Appear in Rostov-on-Don
Rostov’s Administration continues to enhance traffic safety in the city
Mosaics in Pedestrian Underpasses to be Restored in Rostov before 2025
The pedestrian underpasses in the center of Rostov will be repaired before the end of 2024
Design Tender Announced for Full Repairs of Underpasses with Mosaic Pictures
The city consistently delivers reconstruction of the pedestrian underpasses
Rostov Got Six Thousand New Trees and Shrubs
The autumn Tree Planting Day completed in the main city of the region. The regional environmental campaign involved nearly 5,000 residents of Rostov-on-Don. 2,800 trees and 3,100 bushes were planted.