Church of the Surb-Khach Monastery

The armenian monastery was founded in 1783 by the migrants fr om the Crimea and it was situated in the city vicinity at the bend of river Temernik. The monastery was founded by the archbishop Joseph Argutinsky- Dolgorukov. The stone church of the Surb-Khach monastery ("Holy Cross") was built in 1786-1792 in the classical style. The creator is thought to be the Russian architect I.E. Starov.
On the territory of the monastery there is a stone khachkar transported by the Armenians from the Crimea and there are also ancient books printed in the monastery wh ere the first Southern- Russian printing house situated that belonged to G. Khaldaryanz. Since 1972 the church housed the Rostov Museum of Russian-Armenian friendship.
In 2007 the building was transferred to the Armenian church. Address: Bagramyan Str., 1, +7(863)276-33-22.
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Church of the Surb-Khach Monastery

Адрес :
Baghramyan St., 1

+7 (863) 276-33-22

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