Cathedral Church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

The main cathedral of the Rostov episcopacy was built in 1860 under the pattern project of the architectural academician K. A. Ton (a similar project was used at the construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow). It was constructed where the old church used to stand that could not provide room for the entire parish and that was situated in the very center of the city in the mid 19th century not far from the first building of the City administration (P. R. Maksimov’s house). The cathedral bell-tower was erected afterwards in 1885 on the funds of Rostov merchants under the project of the architect Anton Championi. During was and post-war time the bell-tower was deconstructed and in 1999 it was reconstructed to its initial condition. In front of the cathedral there stands a monument to the heavenly patron of Rostov-on-Don the holy hierarch Dimitry Rostovsky. The metropolitan of Rostov and Yaroslavl Dimitry (1651-1709) is a prominent churchman of the epoch of Peter the Great, author of the Hagiography (Book of Lives of Saints), author of numerous religious works. The works of Dimitry Rostovsky were on the compulsory curriculum of the pre-revolutionary education in Russia. 

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