Park of Culture and Leisure “May the First”

Park of Culture and Leisure named after the “First of May” is the oldest park in Rostov. It is located in historic center of the city and is popular with the Rostov dwellers and visitors to the city.

The park was laid in XIX c., certain portions of planning and landscaping and vegetation still survived.

The park has the status of federal monument of history and culture, there are the alley of the 60th Anniversary of Great Victory, and the memorial sign of Alexander Nevsky’s redoubt. The park offers various entertainment and leisure to its visitors, including the brass music evening parties, various entertainment programs for children, on-stage performance groups, public festivities and other.

Besides there are a floral pavilion, tennis court, and several cafes in the park. 

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Park of Culture and Leisure “May the First”

Адрес :
Bolshaya Sadovaya street, 127

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