Rostov Museum of Railway Engineering

Rostov Museum of Railway Engineering, located at the Gnilovskaya railway station, was opened on August 1, 2003. 

Tracks in the Eastern part of the station were demounted, and museum was arranged in the Western part of the station. From time to time a retro-train tours are launched around Rostov with stopping at the museum and riding the steam engines in running conditions: L, Er, Su.   

 Museum of Railway Engineering has more than 60 exhibits, which vividly illustrate the history of development of the railway machinery in the Don area.

There are 14 steam engines, many of which are of pre-war manufacturing, 2 antique parlor cars, 11 freight cars, 5 electric locomotives, 4 diesel locomotives, 4 roadway machines, rail-mounted crane, and also rolling stock which came to Russia as trophies during the war.

The oldest exhibit of the museum is 125 years old. It is a three-axle Romanian tank-car. Up to the day of its assignment to the museum it was used on the railway for storage of chemicals. The supreme quality of inside coating allowed for the service life longer than a century.

Work Hours:  10:00 – 17:00. 
Contacts: +7 (863) 238-28-95 

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Rostov Museum of Railway Engineering

Адрес :
Kazachy Lane, 42

+7(863) 238-28-95

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