Museum of Modern Fine Arts at Dmitrovskaya St.

Museum showrooms are the only in the city, where the contemporary artists may exhibit their works with no rental charge. The museum undertakes collecting, exhibiting, scientific research, and educational activities; it forms and deposits collection of modern fine arts. Its major priority is collecting, exhibiting, and promoting of modern art in diversification of genres and forms created today at the territory Russia.   

 There are separately formed collections: “Artistic Culture of the Don Region”, “Northern Route”, “Artist’s Self-Portrait”, “Rough Style” Painting and Graphics”, “Painting and Graphics of 1970s”. Exhibition projects: “Outland”, “New Names”, “Northern Route”.

The museum is located in one of the oldest streets downtown Rostov-on-Don in the former mansion house of merchant S. Yablokov. The building was erected in 1898 upon the project of municipal architect E. Gulin in art nouveau style.

An art school for children is open at the museum for children of 2 to 14 years old. Extra services: excursions, scientific library.

The organizational structure contains: archive, scientific library, arts council, expert panel, restoration workshop.

Museum possesses about 2000 depository items. Museum collection includes: paintings, graphics, applied and decorative arts (1930 – 2008).  

Work hours: 12:00 – 19:00.

Monday, tuesday: days off.

Admission free.

Contact information:
+7 863 240‑38-72

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Museum of Modern Fine Arts at Dmitrovskaya St.

Адрес :
Shaumian st., 51



+7(863) 240-38-72

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