Rostov Doll Gallery

The Doll Gallery opened on March 22, 1999. It was based on a private collection of the Kirillov family. The exposition includes the best collector’s dolls made by the world’s leading producers, unique world’s national costumes and restored antique dolls. A trip abroad and a purchase of the first collector’s doll gave an impetus to starting a collection. Dolls have become an upscale and popular type of collection around the globe. A delicate image of a beautiful refined child brought back forgotten doll faces of gone-by childhood in the memory. They were brought from abroad and given as high-profile, rare gifts. Restored old dolls, rare specimen made by famous European masters and hand-made dolls were added to the family collection. 

Working hours:
Tue-Sat: 13:00–19:00
Sun, Mon:  day off.

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Адрес :
Lenina Avenue, 91


+7(863) 245-03-63, +7(928) 138-12-25

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