Polite People, Sculptural Group

Sculptures of Russian warriors were inaugurated on May 4, 2018 in front of the building of the Headquarters of the Southern Federal District. The two-meter high compositions were installed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Northern Caucasus Military Command.

The monuments in Pushkinskaya Street share the same style and represent historical milestones of the Southern Military Command. A valiant Red Guard soldier reminds of the times of the Russian Civil War, and a soldier protecting a small kid brings the Great Patriotic War to mind. A thoughtful veteran of the Soviet–Afghan War pictures the time of local campaigns, and a “polite man” introduces the recent Crimean crisis.

Sergey Oleshnya, member to the Russian Academy of Arts, Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation, authored the latter sculpture. The idea to inaugurate the monument belongs to the head of the Southern Military Command.

A service person from Rostov inspired the Polite Man sculpture, he had stayed in Crimea for four months and defended civilians there. It is the second monument to “polite people” in Russia. A similar sculpture was inaugurated in the center of Simferopol in 2016.
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Polite People, Sculptural Group

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Буденновски пр., 43

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