Monument to Alexander Pechersky

The Sobibor extermination camp in the southeast of Poland operated for a year and a half. In this period, the Nazi murdered 250,000 Jews there. An atmosphere of total fear, violence and torture. Lieutenant Alexander Pechersky, a Rostovite, who had been captured back in 1941, attempted to escape several times. When he got into the Sobibor, he managed to persuade people in despair to attack the SS staff and flee, breaking through the blockage. Three hundred prisoners managed to get free. Nobody before or after him managed it. 

The deed of Alexander Pechersky was commemorated 75 years after the events. The hero was posthumously decorated, a street and a school were named after him in Rostov. Along with that, the monument was inaugurated in his native city.

The feat of Alexander Pechersky inspired Russian filmmakers to produce a film about the escape from the Sobibor death camp. 
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