Monument “To Communication Operators of the Don Area”

The monument “To Communication Operators of the Don Area” is located at the crossing of 14th Line and Sholokhov Avenue. Opening ceremony took place on September 9, 2016, and was devoted to 115th anniversary of the first session of short-band communication. It was arranged on the same day of 1901 by Alexpander Popov from island Pereboiny in the lower reaches of the Don river, and exactly 15 year before that event (in 1886) the first ever phone call was made in Rostov from the office of Andrei Baikov, city mayor. The height of composition is almost 6 meters. A miniature model of the monument was selected by public opinion poll at the sight of Ministry of Information and Communication of the Rostov Region: the first place was taken by the sketch, proposed by the collective of a branch of Radiofrequency center, and sculptor Valentin Kostev brought the concept to life. The funds for erection of the sculpture composition were attracted from the non-budget sources, donations of the Don area residents, and patrons of the arts.

There is a free Wi-Fi access point next to the monument.

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