Ensemble of the State Bank office

The crossing of Bolshaya Sadovaya Street and Sokolov Avenue “belonged” to the Rostov office of the State Bank since the 60-s of the 19th century: the first office building was constructed in this place when Bolshaya Sadovaya Street was situated outside the city center. By the early 20th century all the buildings around were transformed, the big spacious square was formed with the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky in its center and the new building of the State Bank office erected in 1915-1917 was the brilliant crown of the square ensemble. The project of the strict parade neoclassic building with its large dome was elaborated in 1910 by M. M . Peretyatkovich, the architect well-known in St. Petersburg. The dome dimensions were calculated by the professor P. I . Dmitriev. The building is still occupied by the financial institution, the appearance is retained, the attic statuary is restored, and the elegant interior is maintained. The grand entrance is emphasized by the Lions group with a small fountain and benches decorated with balustrades and sphere stands. It was constructed in 1916 (sculptor – Y. Z . Veide).

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