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Tour route 7. Traditions of the Don Armenians:

Bus excursion tour to the village of Chaltyr (Myasnikovsky district).

In 1799 on the Don earth have moved the Armenian population from the Crimea on command of the empress Ekaterina II. Since then the Armenian settlements among which and the village of Chaltyr conduct the history. The Crimean immigrants more than two centuries actively participate in economy of Don region, carefully store language and belief of the ancestors, enriching with it local color.

We recommend to you to visit the historical and ethnographic museum, Saint Ambartsum's church, to try the well-known chaltyrsky shish kebab and dishes of Armenian cuisine in one of numerous family cafes or restaurants.

Route extent in one party from the fan zone (Rostov-on-Don, Theatre Square) to the settlement of Chaltyr - 23 km.

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