Tour route 9. Novocherkassk is the World capital of the Cossacks

Bus excursion to the capital of the world Cossacks - the city of Novocherkassk.

Novocherkassk has been put in 1805 as the capital of the Cossacks. This status keeps and today. The city has been built on the best European samples of town planning. Patriarchal Voznesensky army vsekazachy cathedral, triumphal arches, cases of the Don Cossack military school of Alexander III, the atamansky palace and the museum of history of the Don Cossacks have remained on city streets in original state noble mansions. Monuments to the Cossack atamans Yermak, Matvei Platov, Yakov Baklanov remind of nice fighting history of the Don Cossacks.

Route extent in one party from the fan zone (Rostov-on-Don, Theatre Square) to Novocherkassk – 40 km.

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