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Don Welcome Center will Operate in Rostov-on-Don during 2018 FIFA World Cup

One venue is known to open in the air terminal building of the former airport of the Don capital, located in Sholokhov Avenue. And the other one will be in the center of the city, in Bolshaya Sadovaya Street. The latter will have an information function. And the former one is designed to ensure comfortable stay of the World Cup visitors after the matches, when they wait for leaving the Don capital. So, the visitors will be transported from here to departure points – to the railway station or to the Platov Airport. A special transfer service will be provided from the stadium or the fan zone. 

The City Administration Office says that the Center will be equipped with wi-fi access points and large screens to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup matches. There will be well-equipped recreation areas, a first-aid station and food courts. Plus, they will provide remote passenger and baggage check-in, a possibility to have a rest, when waiting for a flight. Along with it, regional performance groups will entertain the visitors.

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