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The Rostov State circus:

The history of the Rostov circus begins long before the time when he occupied that building on Budennovskiy avenue, in which we are accustomed to see him. The first Rostov circus was located where the hotel is now "Intourist", next to the market, in place of which many years later the monument to Kirov was erected. It was a private circus fighter Bul.
The townspeople expressed great love for circus performances, so a summer circus was organized on Krasnoarmeiskaya Street, in the park where the radio technical school is now located. The next was the circus movement "Chapiteau". It was located in the courtyard of the House of Officers, in place of the cafe "Golden Ear".
And only in 1957 the construction of a winter circus on Budennovskoy Avenue was completed. Igor Kio became the first artist to give a presentation in the new circus building. And the season was closed by Lev Durov. Since the beginning of the Rostov circus, all the stars of the Russian circus have performed on its arena: Zapashny brothers, the Filatov dynasty, the star of the movie "Striped Flight" Margarita Nazarova, Oleg Popov, Mikhail Nikolaevich Rumyantsev, more known to spectators of all ages, have visited Rostov-on- as a clown Pencil. Yuri Nikulin performed in Rostov in the summer circus. Today the Rostov circus pleases children and adults with tours of circus stars, interesting programs and amazing concerts.

+7 (863) 240 70 93,
+7 (863) 240 23 26
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Rostov-on-Don, Budennovskiy Ave., 45

Сайт: http://www.circus-rostov.ru/

(863) 240-29-87, 8 (863) 240-70-93

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