Kruiz (Cruise)

Kruiz offers cruise tours along the most impressive locations and consultancy about the excursion tours. The tourists shall visit the monuments of archeology, architecture and history, museums, plunge into the atmosphere of life and daily routine of the Don Cossacks, know about wars and conquests of Peter the Great.
You can also get familiar with literary masterpieces of Anton Chekhov, come to locations related to the names of great personalities. A guide will give a lot of new information about the local traditions and habits and take you to the most secret nooks of this land.

Contact Information:
+7 (863) 303-20-20 – International Tours

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Kruiz (Cruise)

Категория: #Water #Cognitive (historical and cultural) #Business #Entertainment (leisure)

Sotsialisticheskaya str, 74 (Business center "Merchant Yard"), of.311, 3rd floor.




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