Rostov Tour

"In the Area of Azure Steppes" (3 days). On-foot surveying excursion over Veshenskaya stanitsa, followed by a visit to M. A. Sholokhov’s state protected museum-preserve and by attending standing expositions "Hunting & F ishing". Fishing and outdoors launch in the nature environment. Excursions to the nature monument, called "The Giant Oak" and to Kruzhilin khutor, followed by a visit to the native housemuseum, in which M. A. Sholokhov was born, as well as by a visit to his family estate-museum, situated in Karginskaya stanitsa. 
"Glory to Don" (2 days). This program comprises: excursion with a visit to Razdorsky ethnographic museum-preserve, on-foot excursion over the nature park and getting around the outskirts of Pukhlyakovsky khutor. Fishing and meals made of own catch. Visit to the historic museum of the viticulture and wine-making: getting around a filming site of the feature film, entitled "Gypsy"; paneling of the wines and juices, made of the Don grapes, listening to the Cossacks songs, performed by local folklore ensemble. 

Contact Information: 
+7 (863) 231-59-59
+7 (863) 232-77-37
+7 (863) 299-34-19
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