Ice skating rink "Octopus"

An indoor ice skating rink is poured under the arches of the Rostov water park "Octopus" in mid-November and operates throughout the winter period until the end of March. Competitions and training sessions for figure skating and ice hockey sports sections are held here. The spacious area of ​​the "Octopus" skating rink, the dimensions of which correspond to the NHL standards, allows for mass rides - up to 270 people per session. Prevention and polishing of the coating is carried out, if necessary, approximately every 2 hours and takes 20 minutes.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-22:00.

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Ice skating rink "Octopus"

Komarova Bul., 23



+7(863) 247-36-01, +7(863) 200-70-13

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