Paint Shot

The club provides an opportunity for organizing games on three battlefields: “Zmievka”, spacious territory of the 3-floor partially constructed plant inside the city (zoo area); “Zeleny Ostrov”, the former recreation center on Zeleny Ostrov island with the forest area and dilapidated houses; “Depo”, the preserved railway depot in Koysuga (Bataisk). The club provides paintball equipment (standard gaming sets: thermal JT Radar mask, Tippman 98 marker, protective overalls, gloves; additionally: bulletproof vest, grenade, smoke grenade, long barrel). Games for the large number of players are available. Participation requires filing an application on the website or contacting the club by any convenient means.

Tel.: +7 (863) 275 20 73  ,  +7 (863) 275 20 73.
ICQ: 556062863.
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