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This flying club is situated in the countryside, in Olginskaya stanitsa (20–30 minute ride from Rostov-on- Don). The 10 ha territory includes a covered, surveillance system-equipped hangar, airplane maintenance base, airfield, and helicopter club’s building. The flying club’s technical personnel provide fueling of airplanes (gasoline, kerosene). There is an opportunity for mobile fueling within Rostov Region and Krasnodar Territory. The flying club’s personnel provide meeting, transfer and accommodation at the hotel. The number of helicopter tours has been developed for excursion throughout Rostov Region (ancient Tanais’ ruins, Taganrog, Azov, Novocherkassk, Starocherkasskaya stanitsa, Veshenskaya stanitsa, etc.) and Southern Russia. The flying club holds up traditions of airplane modeling and organizes air shows of radio-controlled jet models of airplanes.

Tel.: + 7 (863) 263 41 46   ,   + 7 (928) 122 06 06.
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Rostov-on-Don, Bolshaya Sadovaya Ul., 154, Office 603.

Сайт: www.donebo.ru

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