This recreation center is situated in the picturesque place at the left bank of the Don River, within 20–30 minute driving distance from Rostov-on-Don (see the detailed location map on the website). At visitors’ service are several types of outdoor activities (depending on a season): they can take a ride on quad bikes of any complexity level (children’s, racing and cross quad bikes, racing and cross motorbikes), rent bicycles for riding, fly with the instructor on a paratrike (framed structure of a paraglider with an engine), enjoy a free fall in the air tube and jumps from a launch pad onto the low-pressure mat, master the riding techniques on wakeboards, wakesurfs, wakeskates, water skis and watercrafts, or play paintball. In wintertime, the club opens the slope (created with the help of an artificial snow making machine) for snowboarding and alpine skiing. The center’s premises include a small hotel with 12 rooms, a bathhouse and a cafe. In summertime, there is a bus route from Svoboda Square (Youth Theater) in Rostov-on-Don. Call administrators on the phones below for details of the club’s activities during different seasons. A prior registration is preferred, especially during a peak season.

Tel.: +7 (863) 226 71 22.
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Aksaysky District, Olginskaya Stanitsa.


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