Donskaya Riviera

This privately-owned mini hotel with a small, comfortable courtyard is situated within the area of the 2nd Ordjonikidze settlement, not far from the airport. The twostoried cottage contains 9 rooms of “standard”, “comfort”, “junior suite” and “suite” categories. All guests can enjoy the Don cuisine in the café-bar with the rural style design, visit a sauna with the swimming pool, recreation room, and have a good time in the billiards hall.

In addition, the hotel provides registration for foreign nationals, personal services (laundry, dry cleaning, mending of clothes), long-distance communications, reception of email and fax messages, etc.

Tel.:+7 (863) 254 09 25

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Категория: #Gastronomic

Grisenko Ul., 10



+7 (863) 254-09-25

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