Wine and Meat (Vino i Miaso), Steak House

It is a win-win choice, the only possible problem is only if you are a vegetarian. The steak house offers 10 kinds of beef steaks, and the best dishes of European cuisine – exquisite classic and gourmet salads, appetizers, specialties, and deserts. The wines form Itlay, France, Chile, Argentina, Australia, and South Africa are broadly represented.

Capacity: 50 guests 
Working Hours: 12:00 – 00:00 

Contact Information: 

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Wine and Meat (Vino i Miaso), Steak House

Категория: #Gastronomic

106, Sotsialisticheskaya St.


+7 (863) 256-55-74, +7 (863) 262-33-93

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