The late Russian classicism style restaurant is a part of the hotel and restaurant complex. Its menu offers dishes of the Don and European cuisines as well as the great selection of fish and meat dishes cooked on the open fire grill. The wine card that includes French, Italian, Chilean, Argentinian, Georgian and even Japanese wines and the cigar card will satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Seating capacity: main hall – 150 persons, 2 banquet halls – 40 and 50 persons, 2 summer areas – 60 and 150 persons.
Working hours: 12.00–02.00.

Tel.: +7 (863) 248 23 76 (hotel’s reception desk).
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Категория: #Gastronomic

Rostov-on-Don, Levoberezhnaya Ul., 12.

Сайт: http://www.tet-a-tet-rostov.ru/

+7 (863) 248 23 76

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