Vysoky Bereg, restaurant

This restaurant is a part of the magnificent suburban park hotel. There are two halls: pillared hall – with classic layout of round tables, rich bar and special dancing area; and club hall – less solemn, for heartwarming atmosphere. In summertime, admirers of open-air meals can take their seats at the verandahs or outdoor patio. The restaurant’s cuisine is European: meat and poultry, fish and seafood, cheeses, desserts and so on. Any events can be held here – from business meetings, conferences, seminars to large-scale corporate parties and celebrations. At your will, the restaurant will invite musicians and artists and organize show programs and fireworks.

Seating capacity: 2 halls for 60 persons each, summer area – 150 persons.
Working hours: 07. 00–04.00.

Tel.: +7 (863) 296 94 20.
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Rostov-on-Don, Levoberezhnaya Ul., 27.

Сайт: www.visokibereg.ru

Email: hotel@visokibereg.ru

8 863 296-94-20

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