Ryba, fish tavern

The interior design of this fish tavern situated at the Don embankment is dominated by light brown shades and coastal Scandinavian motifs. You can taste over 60 names of fish dishes (pike perch, gray mullet, Black Sea striped mullet, flat fish, bester, etc.), seafood dishes and complement them with drinks from the richest wine card. During warm seasons, you can enjoy your delicious and flavored meal at the summer patio.

Seating capacity: 2 halls – 60 and 40 persons, banquet hall – 40 persons.
Working hours: Mon–Thu, Sun – 12.00–00.00, Fri–Sat – 12.00–02.00.

Tel.:  +7 (863) 279 28 88.
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Rostov-on-Don, Beregovaya Ul., 23 А.

Сайт: http://group2d.ru/

+7 (863) 279-28-88

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