The best fish restaurant in the city looks like an old tavern where many dishes of Mediterranean and Don cuisines are cooked and visitors are amazed by various “shticks”. Your mood will be taken care of personally by the master of the restaurant and world-famous chef Srechko Loncar who meets the guests and helps them choose from the menu. At the special display case, one can pick any sea dwellers that will be cooked at once. At the end of the meal you will find out whether Fortune favors you or not: you will receive the dice and the score you hit would mean a discount for paying the check.

Seating capacity: 46 persons, summer patio with a bar for 40 persons.
Working hours: 12.00–00.00.

Tel.: +7 (863) 256 19 61.
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Категория: #Gastronomic

Rostov-on-Don, Sotsialisticheskaya Ul., 206 А.

+7 (863) 256 19 61, +7 (863) 256-19-61

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