Pivnaya biblioteka

This is a place where guests take their time to taste their drinks and conduct an unhurried talk in the atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Calm music and interesting books on the shelves help fill in time while waiting for friends. The various sorts of light and dark beers – from the most popular to exclusive brands – are presented here. European cuisine, with the great range of beer snacks (including dried fish and crawfish). At evenings, the hall is full of live music; jazz music on Wednesdays. Also, broadcasts of sports programs and free Wi-Fi. During lunchtime, guests can order business lunches at lower prices than those in the main menu.

Seating capacity: main hall – 120 persons, banquet hall – 25 persons.
Working hours: 12.00–01.00.

Tel.: +7 (863) 244 19 92.
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Rostov-on-Don, Budennovsky Pr., 7.

Сайт: www.biblioteka-piva.ru


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