Atamanskaya Usadba

This restaurant and hotel complex recreates a Don Ataman’s manor in 17–19th centuries. The décor of the restaurant is amazing: carved furniture, bronze chandeliers, glazed stove, fireplace, and color stained glass windows – the place where guests are treated with dishes of Cossack and European cuisines. During warm seasons, a summer verandah is open which windows face the scenic pond with swans, fish and water lilies. Based on the long standing custom, the guests are met by a Cossack woman who invites them to have a drink and chase it with a piece of lardon with mustard. Daily performance of the Cossack folk group. By guests’ choice, they can be initiated to Cossacks with ceremonial handing of a Cossack whip. Organization of festive events at any level.

Seating capacity: main hall for 200 persons, two VIP halls for 20 and 40 persons, summer verandah for 250 persons.
Working hours: 12.00 till the last customer.

Tel.: +7 (928) 270-30-19
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Категория: #Gastronomic

Rostov-on-Don, Levoberezhnaya Ul., 8 V


+7 (928) 270-30-19

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