Recollection of the Sevan Lake that shares its name with the restaurant can be traced in yellow-brown and mild blue shades of the halls, in bas reliefs and paintings on the walls. The restaurant’s cuisine is predominantly European, with substantial supplement of national culinary hits and best dishes of Armenian and Don cuisines. You can pick a matching drink for your meal and mood: vodka, whiskey, tequila, absinth, cognac, wine or cocktails… The restaurant has its own confectionery production facility, so the assortment of desserts and pastries is great like the flooding Don. At evenings, you can enjoy your meal while listening to the live music. In summertime, the open air patio is at guests’ service.

Seating capacity: 60 persons, summer patio – 40 persons.
Working hours: 12.00–00.00.

Tel.: +7 (863) 235 52 22.
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Rostov-on-Don, Komarovana., 32.

+7 (863) 235-52-22, +7 (938) 100-15-66

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