This “Pirs” yacht club’s restaurant is a great place both for family and corporate recreation. You will be offered the dishes of European and Don cuisines and degust grilled food and “Pirs” beer from a private brewery. Besides fine cuisine and extensive wine card, the advantages of this facility include a beautiful territory and a magnificent view of the Don River. There is also a children’s menu and a playground for children’s parties.

Seating capacity: 300 persons.
Working hours: the restaurant operates in an openair format from April through October, 12.00 till the last customer.

Tel.:+7 (863) 259-81-67
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Категория: #Gastronomic

Rostov-on-Don, Beregovaya Ul., 16 А.

Сайт: https://vk.com/goodrestaurants

+7 (863) 259-81-67

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