Stanitsa, water-borne restaurant

While visiting this water-borne restaurant, you will dive into an atmosphere of a Cossack stanitsa (village) with its unique customs and enjoy the magnificent Don cuisine. A treat of the house for every guest is samogon and lardon! During the day, you can listen to the harmonica player and watch the performances of guest artists in the evening. From Friday through Sunday – rousing songs and dances performed by folk Cossack bands.

Seating capacity: 164 persons, VIP zone – 122 persons.
Working hours: restaurant operates from April through October, 11.00–00.00.

Tel.: +7 (863) 247 92 95  ,  +7 (863) 268 70 68.
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Stanitsa, water-borne restaurant

Rostov-on-Don, The Don Embankment, Berth 24

+7 (863) 247 92 95

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