Amsterdam, beer restaurant

Amsterdam restaurant represents the legends of old-time Holland revived in Rostov realities, and a unique combination of homeliness and regal luxury. The restaurant’s cuisine totally meets the European high society standards. The wine card with drinks of the famous houses of Italy, France and New World, and castle wines will help the guests see the true values of culinary fads. The first hall combines the bar and fireplace zones; the second one resembles the best traditions of a European pub; the third one is a stylized banquet hall. And its bar is the stern of “Amsterdam” ship that sank in the North Sea and later was raised by Amsterdam authorities.

Seating capacity: 60 persons.
Working hours: 11.00–23.00. M. Nagibina Pr., 32/2 (“Gorizont” mall).

Tel.: +7 (863) 272 51 34.
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Rostov-on-Don, M. Nagibina Pr., 32/2 (“Gorizont” mall).


+7 863 272‑51-34, +7 863 272‑54-15

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