Goodzone Bowling Alley

“Goodzone” entertainment center with its bowling alley and karaoke club is located on the 4th floor of “Taler” shopping and entertainment center. Guests can check their marksmanship at any of 17 lanes with automatic boards that enable even little kids to take part in this amusement. Players’ scores are displayed on LCD panels. 

At evenings, neon lighting of the bowling zone is on followed by the most exciting events: energetic music, gift sweepstakes and dancing all night. The adjacent venue is Raymond karaoke club where guests can sing their favorite songs. If you get hungry, the café will offer you its menu. At night, the café changes its format to “Tochka” DJ cafe. At GoodZone, you can also order organization of parties with the entertainment program for kids.

+7 (863) 300-95-15

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