Time of Good Festival to Take Place in Rostov

Time of Good Festival to Take Place in Rostov

Festival visitors will see a Cossack wedding ceremony

On June 19, Time of Good, an interactive Cossack Festival, will take place in Kumzhenskaya Grove. Festival visitors will get to know Cossack culture and way of living, traditions and values of local culture. Over 700 representatives of Cossack ethnic groups living in the Rostov region and neighboring regions will visit the event to make it ultimately immersive. They will reconstruct and show how military competitions and contests were held, introduce to Cossack way of living and setup. Participants will hear Cossack songs, see traditional Cossack dances, they will be able to take part in master classes and will attend a true Cossack wedding held with all the ceremonies observed.

Everybody will find something to his or her liking at the festival, as its distinctive feature is that the present meets the past on the same ground. Modern recreational activities will be available as well.

The event will include a fair, where everyone will have an opportunity to buy arts and crafts from the best crafts people of the South of Russia.

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