Guide around Center of Rostov to be Produced for 2018 FWC Visitors

Guide around Center of Rostov to be Produced for 2018 FWC Visitors
For the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, the Don Welcome Center will develop a special tourist map in the English and Russian languages. This guide will help to learn about major attractions of the central part of Rostov.

“We will have a map, it is under development now. It is to be produced by May. We will try to cover the whole center of the city, to have museums, restaurants and other major locations pointed, that will be interesting to visitors. We are going to distribute the guides in the tourist information centers and at the stadium, if possible,” announced the Don Welcome Center.

It is known that the guide will also contain information on where Rostov Arena Stadium and the fan zone for supporters are located.

The Don Welcome Center opened this January. Its purpose is to organize work with visitors and supporters during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. The main task of the Center’s employees is to welcome football supporters from other cities of Russia and other countries, as well as tourists. The Center’s employees will help to choose a hotel, book tickets, arrange a transfer or find guided tours around the city or the region for those wishing to do sights.

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