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By 2018 FWC, Rostov Glavny Railway Station to Start Speaking English:

By 2018 FWC, Rostov Glavny Railway Station to Start Speaking English

Voice announcements in the English language will be heard at all the railway stations involved in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, including the railway station of Rostov.

Announcements at railway stations of the WFC host cities will be dubbed for foreign visitors. Bilingual announcements are to inform of schedule of both national and local trains. Announcements in the two languages will be said in one voice at all the terminals.

Voice announcements of train arrivals and departures will be automatically initiated: information on traffic will be automatically uploaded to the system, which will run the audio files needed. The company assures that this work practice will help to cut down time spent on informing passengers and lessen the workload of announcers.

Notably, announcements in English are used just for a few routes: Moscow – Berlin (Kursky railway terminal) and Moscow – St Petersburg (Leningradsky railway terminal). And at the Kazansky railway terminal, schedules for local and long-distance trains are already announced in the two languages by the same voice.

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