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Construction Works for Handball Arena to Start in Rostov Next Year:

Construction Works for Handball Arena to Start in Rostov Next Year
They will start building the handball arena in Rostov next year. The stadium will be located on the left bank of the Don River. “We plan to start building a handball palace and approach to building an ice palace. The actual start will probably be next year”, says Governor Vasily Golubev to the Russian News Agency TASS.

According to the Governor, the sports facility will host concerts and competitions in mini football, badminton, volleyball, basketball. They plan to construct a hotel and open stores, restaurants and cafes on the surrounding grounds. Project investment may reach 1 billion rubles.

According to TASS, constructing the handball stadium is one of the four investment projects of the Agrocom Group listed in a cooperation agreement with the Don Region Administration. The facility will be part to a sports cluster to be created in Rostov’s left-bank area by 2023. The local authorities promise to provide the entire infrastructure necessary for the arena.

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