#RostovGotov (RostovIsReady) Informational Pavilion opens on December 25. “Rostov-2018” World Football Championship Organizing and Management Directorate expects Rostov citizens to visit the #RostovGotov (RostovIsReady) Informational Pavilion starting fr om December 25 – 28, 2017.

According to the information received from the Administration of Informational Policy of the Rostov Region the volunteers from this city are ready to inform you on the most vital issues:

1. How to buy tickets for the 2018 FIFA World Football Championship?

2. What is Fan ID, how can you receive, and which is the right way to use it?

3. What is FIFA Fans Fest and why is it the best place to watch a football game outside the stadium?

4. What are the volunteers and what assistance they can give to every visitor and city resident during the 2018 FIFA World Football Championship?

5. In which way this region prepared for the 2018 FIFA World Football Championship: what infrastructure was developed and in which way it will be used?

6. What business opportunities open for the Don area enterprisers within the frames of the 2018 FIFA World Football Championship?

Apart from the informational stands there will be three interactive sensor-panels for independent familiarization with every aspect of Rostov-on-Don preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Football Championship; special multimedia stands; 2018 FIFA World Football Championship Participant Countries Alley, of the countries, which play their games in Rostov-on-Don, and the subject specific photo zone, wh ere a guest will immediately receive the memorable magnet with his/ her photo.

The four-day program of events contains a cyber-football tournament at special game-stations, operation of a virtual-reality platform, quizes and giveaway events from the organizers.

Location place of #RostovGotov (RostovIsReady) Informational Pavilion is in front of the former “Rostov” cinema (122, Bolshaya Sadovaya St.).

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