The excursion to Places of Military Glory

The excursion to Places of Military Glory

Rostov is the City of Military Glory – on May 6, 2008, Rostov-on-Don received the Certificate of this honorary title from the President of Russia. 46 objects related to the Great Patriotic War are located in Rostov, including six memorial complexes.

During the bus tour, you will hear a story about military events in the Don land, about volunteer corps, about street combats, about feats of young Rostovites, about heroes, whose names are given to the streets of the city. Tourists will visit monuments and memorials commemorating the courage and heroism of Rostovites from 1941 to 1943 in Gvardeyskaya, Komsomolskaya, Privokzalnaya and Teatralnaya squares, by the Eternal Flame in the Proletarsky district (or in Zmievskaya Balka Complex).

Duration: 3-4 hours

For more information, visit the  website or contact by phone: +7(863)229-19-11,  +7 (958) 575-43-30, +7 (863) 280-46-10

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