The excursion "The Temples of the Lower don"

The excursion "The Temples of the Lower don"

The origins of Christianity in the lower Don River and the Northern Azov Sea Area date back to the 3rd century, to the times of Andrew the Apostle, referred to in the Orthodox tradition as the First-Called. During the tour, Churches of the Lower Don, sightseers will visit the Church of the Ascension in the village of Chaltyr, which was built under a standard design in the mid-19th century, but has distinctive features typical for religious buildings of Nakhichevan. The Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God in Nedvigovka settlement is, perhaps, the most beautiful among rural churches of the Rostov region. The redbrick building – a splendid example of eclecticism – is harmony itself, but it is also integral to the surrounding nature. The Church of All Saints in the village of Sinyavskoye boasts 200+ year history, but the central icon impresses most, it secretes myrrh on all the Eastern Orthodox holidays. 

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