“Sources of Rostov” Excursion

“Sources of Rostov” Excursion

Memorable places will allow to observe the history of Rostov-on-Don, viewed from different spots of the embankment, and learn smaller details from biographies of well-known personalities, who added lustre to the Don land.

Duration: 2 hours

Point of departure: Pokrovsky Garden Square

Date: 06.12.2016, 24.12.2016.  

Hour: weekdays -- 15:00, weekends -- 10:00.

Contact Information:

126, Bolshaya sadovaya St., Rostov-on-Don

Phone: +7 (863) 291-89-23 – order office  

E-mail: gorostov@reina-tour.ru,priem@reina-tour.ru
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