“Along Old Rostov” Excursion

“Along Old Rostov” Excursion
You shall listen to an interesting narration about the history of Rostov port, which determined the city life in XIX - XX cc. Names of numerous well-known personalities – Nikolai Wrangel, Lonstantin Staniukovich, Maxim Gorky, Alexander Popov are closely related with city life. 

Boulevard at the embankment, which opens a picturesque panoramic view of the left bank of the Don, and represents the favorite place for a stroll of Rostov citizens and its visitors. At Ulianovskaya (former Kankrinskaya) Street you shall get acquainted with rarely surviving mansion houses of merchant families (Akimov, Panin, Dutikov, Zolotuirev, and other) and listen to their family stories.           

It is here where the old believers’ church of the Prophet Elijah is located – one of a few erected in the South of Russia in pre-Soviet era. 
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