Rostov Hippodrome

The Russian Don horse breed is inseparably connected with the history of the Russian army. For centuries, Dons saw service at the borders of the Russian Empire, took part in all the wars, sharing all the hardships and travails with their owners, risking their lives together with them.

On a visit to the Rostov Hippodrome or the Alan Equestrian Club, you will get to know the history of horse breeding in the region. You will learn about kinds of equestrian sport and horse breeds. Walking around the Hippodrome stables, you will be able to rub the horses or feed them. You will see how a rider prepares the horse for riding (grooming, bridling, saddling), everybody will have a chance to try equitation, going horse riding. All those who wish so will get a picture of them taking a horse by the bridle.

The tour takes place in all weathers, as the Hippodrome has a specially equipped show ring that can give shelter in case of a nasty weather.

Please see details on the website or call at 8 (863) 229-19-11, +7-958-575-43-30

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