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Next Year Ten Walking Areas will Appear in Rostov

At the session of the city’s Administration chaired by the Head of the city’s Administration A. Logvinenko, implementation stages of road maps for walking areas were discussed. The Deputy Head of the city’s Administration in Construction and Architecture A. Dikun noted that a list of areas had been prepared for setting up well-designed traffic-free zones in the city. It was brought down according to delivery periods: into short-term projects to be executed by 2020 and long-term projects to be completed before 2023. Road maps were approved this March, however, no application was received as of November 1, so he assigned all the districts to submit projects before November 11 to be considered by the city’s Duma.  А. Logvinenko underscored that in 2020, an updated general layout would be adopted, and it should include all the planned walk areas. At the session, separate projects were examined and discussed. Heads of the districts presented concepts of walking areas that would be improved in the places of attraction where local residents enjoy active recreation: the Zelyony Island, an area around the Rostov Cinema. The pedestrian zone in Suvorovsky Residential Area is expected to be the most anticipated and extensive. The looped area one kilometer long was designed with consideration to suggestions of the residents of the area. And it includes sun protection roofs, a lot of greenery, sports grounds and children’s playgrounds, and a barbecue zone. The project is to be implemented before the end of next year.


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