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Three New Swimming Pools to be Built in Rostov before 2022

The extended plenary session of the Head of the city’s Administration Office in the presence of the Acting City Administrator A. Logvinenko was focused on shaping a long-range plan for developing sports infrastructure of Rostov-on-Don to deliver the national demographic project.  As discussed at the session, the priority area of sports development in the city is expansion of the existing sports infrastructure,  thorough overhaul and upgrading of the existing sports facilities. To improve the situation, the Physical Training and Sports Department of Rostov-on-Don prepared a far-seeing plan to develop the city’s sports infrastructure for 2020-2022, which provides for solving the most acute and high-priority issues of developing the city’s sports facilities. The draft plan sets out for arranging five mobile sports complexes, with three of them at existing municipal sports schools. And for the two left, it is necessary to find and set land plots. Accounting for demands of city residents in swimming classes, the plan provides for construction of three swimming pools.



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