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Session on Development of Enogastronomic Tourism in Region Took Place in Rostov

No only elected officials, but also representatives of the tourist industry, producers of wine products and industry-based  noncommercial organizations attended the session. It was observed that in the first half of 2019, the volume of wine products grew by 8% YoY and reached 173,000 decaliters. As experts anticipate, by 2020, themed tourism will be especially popular in the tourist industry. Eight factories and over 25 small wine estates will take part in the festival. As a remainder, gastronomical tourism gains traction in the Rostov region. The wine itinerary – Pukhlyakovskaya Homestead – Vina Vedernikov Wine Estate – Stanitsa Tsymlyanskaya Ethnographical Complex – Vina Bani Winery – Villa Zvezda Winery – enjoys special popularity


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